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Naomi Betts


PhD student

Theme 1 - Preparedness

King's College London

Naomi Betts is a PhD Student at King’s College London and Public Health England.

She completed a BSc Psychology with Honours at the University of Dundee. Then, whilst living in Oman, she completed an MSc in Health Psychology, with the University of Ulster via distance learning.  For her MSc thesis she explored the factors involved in childhood obesity in Oman, in the context of rapid economic and social development, and a recent history of childhood malnutrition and vitamin deficiency. Naomi joined Public Health England to work on a study within Theme 5 of the Emergency Preparedness and Response HPRU, investigating psychosocial aspects of mass decontamination, and having developed an interest in cultural research, Naomi is currently leading on a study investigating the needs of Muslims during incidents involving mass decontamination.

Naomi’s PhD study focusses on exploring the role of emergency exercises in preparing health care professionals to respond to mass casualty incidents, and the impact of those exercises in the immediate, short term and longer term, at an individual and organisational level. The project involves close collaboration with the Exercise and Training team of Public Health England’s Emergency Response Department.