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Scientific Pandemic Insights group on Behaviour

During the COVID-19 outbreak, several members of the HPRU supported SAGE and its behavioural science subgroup, SPI-B. Three papers written by SPI-B in 2020 and sent to the Cabinet Office have been uploaded below. Although they were produced by the SPI-B group, and not the HPRU, because these papers were not discussed at the main SAGE meeting they are not presented on the SAGE website. SPI-B have asked us to host them here in the interests of transparency.

Implementation and communications: harnessing behavioural science to maintain social distancing [3 April 2020]

Suggestions for messaging about preventive behaviours in the next phases of the UK's response to the COVID-19 pandemic [3 June 2020]

What are the behavioural considerations around communicating changes to the 2m social distancing guidance? [16 June 2020]