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2 Mar 2021

Parental perceptions of COVID-19-like illness in their children

Hodson A, Woodland L, Smith LE, Rubin GJ

17 Feb 2021

Moral injury: the effect on mental health and implications for...

Williamson V, Murphy D, Phelps A, Forbes D,Greenberg N

10 Feb 2021

Public health information on COVID-19 for international travellers:...

Zhanga T, Robin C, Cai S, Sawyer C, Rice W, Smith LE, Amlôt R, Rubin GJ, Reynolds R, Yardley L, Hickman M, Oliver I, Lambert H

9 Feb 2021

Understanding patterns of adherence to COVID-19 mitigation measures:...

Denford S, Morton KS, Lambert H, Zhang J, Smith LE, Rubin GJ, Cai S, Zhang T, Robin C, Lasseter G, Hickman M, Oliver I, Yardley L

28 Dec 2020

Introduction to and spread of COVID-19-like illness in care homes in...

Brainard J, Rushton S, Winters T, Hunter PR

11 Dec 2020

When symptoms become side effects: Development of the side effect...

MacKrill K, Webster R, Rubin GJ, Witthoft M, Silvester C, Emad Y, Petrie KJ

1 Dec 2020

Psychological impact of infectious disease outbreaks on pregnant...

Brooks SK, Weston D, Greenberg N

30 Nov 2020

Human volunteer study of the decontamination of chemically...

Collins S, James T, Southworth F, Davidson L, Williams N, Orchard E, Marczylo T, Amlôt R

26 Nov 2020

COVID-19 vaccination intention in the UK: Results from the ‘COVID-19...

Sherman SM, Smith LE, Sim J, Amlôt R, Cutts M, Dasch H, Rubin GJ, Sevdalis N.

29 Oct 2020

Mental health plan for workers of the London Nightingale Hospital:...

Greenberg N, Cooke J, Sullivan E, and Tracy D