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4 Jan 2017

Censored Regression Modeling to Predict Virus Inactivation in...

Brainard J, Pond K, Hunter PR

21 Dec 2016

What is the value of health emergency preparedness exercises? A...

Skryabina E, Reedy G, Amlot R, Jaye P, Riley P

7 Dec 2016

Public Health Interventions for Aedes Control in the Time of...

Bouzid M, Brainard J, Hooper L, Hunter PR

17 Nov 2016

How to support staff deploying on overseas humanitarian work: a...

Rubin JG, Harper S, Williams PD, Öström S, Bredbere S, Amlôt R and Greenberg N

13 Oct 2016

The potential impact of media reporting in syndromic surveillance: an...

Elliot AJ, Hughes HE, Astbury J, Nixon G, Brierley K, Vivancos R, Inns T, Decraeno V, Platt K, Lake I, O'Brien SJ, Smith GE

27 Sep 2016

Psychological and Physical Impacts of Extreme Events on Older Adults...

McClelland E, Amlot R, Rogers MB, Rubin GJ, Tesh J, Pearch JM

22 Sep 2016

A Systematic Review of Factors That Contribute to Nocebo Effects

Webster RK, Weinman J, Rubin GJ

1 Sep 2016

Mass casualty decontamination in a chemical or radiological / nuclear...

Carter H, Amlot R, Williams R, Rubin GJ, Drury J