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16 Jun 2017

Volunteer trials of a novel improvised dry decontamination protocol...

Amlôt R, Carter H, Riddle L, Larner & Chilcott RP

15 Jun 2017

How does the side-effect information in patient information leaflets...

Webster RK, Weinman J, & Rubin GJ

15 Jun 2017

A human time dose response model for Q fever

Heppella CW, Eganb JR & Hall I

11 May 2017

People’s Understanding of Verbal Risk Descriptors in Patient...

Webster RK, Weinman J, & Rubin GJ

15 Mar 2017

The burden of seasonal respiratory infections on a national...

Morbey R A, Harcourt R, Pebody R, Zambon M, Hutchinson J, Rutters J, Thomas H, Smith G E and Elliot A J

8 Mar 2017

Psychological factors associated with uptake of the childhood...

Smith L E, Webster R K, Weinman J, Amlôt R, Yiend J, Rubin G J

1 Feb 2017

Social and occupational factors associated with psychological...

Brooks SK, Dunn R, Amlot R, Rubin GJ, Greenberg N

1 Feb 2017

The English National Cohort Study of Flooding and Health: cross-...

Waite TD, Chaintarli K, Beck CR, Bone A, Amlot R, Kovats S, Reacher M, Armstrong B, Leonardi G, Rubin GJ, Oliver I

1 Feb 2017

What Do We Mean by 'Community Resilience'? A Systematic...

Patel SS, Rogers MB, Amlot R, Rubin GJ

28 Jan 2017

The English national cohort study of flooding and health: cross-...

Waite T D, Chaintarli, K, Beck C R, Bone A, Amlôt R, Kovats S, Reacher M, Armstrong B, Leonardi G, Rubin G J and Oliver I