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16 Oct 2019

Incubation period of Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli

Awofisayo-Okuyelu A, Brainard J, Hall I and McCarthy N

24 Sep 2019

Attention-Based Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) for Short Text...

Edo-Osagie, O., Lake, I., Edeghere, O., De La Iglesia, B.

24 Sep 2019

Deep learning for relevance filtering in syndromic surveillance: A...

Edo-Osagie, O., De La Iglesia, B., Lake, I., Edeghere, O.

24 Sep 2019

Twitter mining using semi-supervised classification for relevance...

Edo-Osagie, O., Smith, G., Lake, I., Edeghere, O., De La Iglesia, B.

18 Sep 2019

A systematic review of infectious illness presenteeism: prevalence,...

Webster RK Liu R Karimullina K Hall I Amlot R Rubin GJ

17 Sep 2019

Climate, human behaviour or environment: individual-based modelling...

Rushton SP, Sanderson RA, Diggle PJ, Shirley MD, Blain AP, Lake I, Maas JA, Reid WD, Hardstaff J, Williams N, Jones NR.

17 Sep 2019

The UK’s pandemic influenza research portfolio: a model for future...

Simpson, C, Beever, D, Challen, K, De Angelis, D, Fragaszy, E, Goodacre, S, Hayward, A, Lim, WS, Rubin, GJ, Semple, M & Knight, M

2 Sep 2019

Positively framed risk information in patient information leaflets...

Webster RK, Weinman J & Rubin GJ. (In press).

2 Sep 2019

Do evacuation and displacement affect the association between...

Munro A, Armstrong B, Rubin GJ, Kovats S, Bone A (In press).