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17 Sep 2019

The UK’s pandemic influenza research portfolio: a model for future...

Simpson, C, Beever, D, Challen, K, De Angelis, D, Fragaszy, E, Goodacre, S, Hayward, A, Lim, WS, Rubin, GJ, Semple, M & Knight, M

17 Sep 2019

Climate, human behaviour or environment: individual-based modelling...

Rushton SP, Sanderson RA, Diggle PJ, Shirley MD, Blain AP, Lake I, Maas JA, Reid WD, Hardstaff J, Williams N, Jones NR.

2 Sep 2019

Positively framed risk information in patient information leaflets...

Webster RK, Weinman J & Rubin GJ. (In press).

2 Sep 2019

Do evacuation and displacement affect the association between...

Munro A, Armstrong B, Rubin GJ, Kovats S, Bone A (In press).

2 Sep 2019

Minimum Practical Showering Duration for Mass Casualty Decontamination

Amlôt, R.*, Wakefield, J., Riddle, L., & Chilcott, R.P. (Submitted).

1 Sep 2019

Machine learning to refine decision making within a syndromic...

Lake, I., Colón-González, FJ, Morbey, RA, Pebody, R, Smith, GE, Elliot, AJ.

1 Aug 2019

Social patterning of telephone health-advice for diarrhoea and...

Adams NL, Rose TC, Elliot AJ, Smith G, Morbey R, Loveridge P, Lewis J, Studdard G, Violato M, O'Brien SJ, Whitehead M, Taylor-Robinson DC, Hawker JI, Barr B.

10 Jul 2019

Can economic indicators predict infectious disease spread? A cross-...

Hunter PR; Colón-González FJ;, Brainard J;, Majuru B;, Pedrazzoli D;, Abubakar I;, Dinsa G;, Suhrcke M; Stuckler D; Lim TA and Semenza JC

5 Jul 2019

(Re -) conceptualising vulnerability as a part of risk in global...

Hammer CC; Brainard J; Innes A; and Hunter P