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20 May 2022

Estimating the total prevalence of PTSD among the UK police force:...

Stevelink SAM, Wessely S, Fear NT, Hotopf M, Greenberg N

13 May 2022

Public acceptability of a technology-mediated stool sample collection...

Davies R, Iturriza-Gómara M, Glennon-Alty R, Elliot AJ, Vivancos R, Alvarez Nishio A, Cunliffe NA and Hungerford D

23 Mar 2022

The mental health of staff working on intensive care units over the...

Hall CE, Milward J, Spoiala C, Bhogal JK, Weston D, Potts HWW, Caulfield T, Toolan M, Kanga K, El-Sheikha S, Fong K and Greenberg N

21 Mar 2022

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on gastrointestinal infection trends...

Love NK, Elliot AJ, Chalmers RM, Douglas A, Gharbia S, McCormick J, Hughes H, Morbey R, Oliver I, Vivancos R, and Smith G

17 Mar 2022

Enhancing epidemiological surveillance of the emergence of the SARS-...

Blomquist PB, Bridgen J , Bray N, O’Connell AM, West D, Groves N, Gallagher E, Utsi L, Jarvis CI, Hardstaff JL, Byers C, Metelmann S, Simons D, Zaidi A, Twohig A, Savagar B, Løchen A, Ryan C, Wrenn K...

10 Mar 2022

Engagement with protective behaviours in the UK during the COVID-19...

Smith LE, Potts HW, Amlȏt R, Fear NT, Michie S & Rubin GJ

5 Mar 2022

Was Alpha deadlier than wild-type COVID? Analysis in rural England

Brainard J, Sampedro CMG, Sweeting A and Fordham R

5 Mar 2022

Was Alpha deadlier than wild‑type COVID? Analysis in rural England

Brainard J, Sampedro CMG, Sweeting A, Fordham R

4 Mar 2022

Location, location, location: a discrete choice experiment to inform...

McPhedran R, Gold N, Bemand C, Weston D, Rosen R, Scott R, Chadborn T, Amlôt R, Mawby M and Toombs B