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10 Jul 2017

Developing a Multidisciplinary Syndromic Surveillance Academic...

Elliot AJ, Moreby R, Edeghere O, Lake IR, Colon-Gonzalez FJ, Vivancos R, Rubin GJ, O'Brien SJ and Smith GE

19 Jun 2017

Effect of evacuation and displacement on the association between...

Munro A, Kovats RS, Rubin GJ, Waite TD, Bone A, Armstrong B, and the English National Study of Flooding and Health Study Group

16 Jun 2017

Volunteer trials of a novel improvised dry decontamination protocol...

Amlôt R, Carter H, Riddle L, Larner & Chilcott RP

15 Jun 2017

How does the side-effect information in patient information leaflets...

Webster RK, Weinman J, & Rubin GJ

15 Jun 2017

A human time dose response model for Q fever

Heppella CW, Eganb JR & Hall I

11 May 2017

People’s Understanding of Verbal Risk Descriptors in Patient...

Webster RK, Weinman J, & Rubin GJ

15 Mar 2017

The burden of seasonal respiratory infections on a national...

Morbey R A, Harcourt R, Pebody R, Zambon M, Hutchinson J, Rutters J, Thomas H, Smith G E and Elliot A J

8 Mar 2017

Psychological factors associated with uptake of the childhood...

Smith L E, Webster R K, Weinman J, Amlôt R, Yiend J, Rubin G J

1 Feb 2017

Social and occupational factors associated with psychological...

Brooks SK, Dunn R, Amlot R, Rubin GJ, Greenberg N