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27 Jun 2023

The relationship between homeworking during COVID-19 and both, mental...

Hall CE, Davidson L, Brooks SK, Greenberg N and Weston D

26 Jun 2023

The Agile Co-production and Evaluation framework for developing...

Yardley L, Denford S, Kamal A, May T, Kesten JM, French CE, Weston D, Rubin GJ, Horwood J, Hickman M, Amlôt R and Oliver I

13 Jun 2023

Struggling, forgotten, and under pressure: Experiences of sex workers...

Brooks, S.K., Patel, S.S. & Greenberg, N.

23 May 2023

Risk factors for school-based presenteeism in children: A systematic...

Woodland, L. Brooks SK, Webster RK, Amlôt R, Rubin GJ.

4 Apr 2023

Animal and environmental risk factors for sporadic Shiga toxin-...

Kintz E, Brainard J, Vanderes M, Vivancos R, Byrne L, Butt S, Jenkins C, Elson R, Lake I & Hunter P

1 Apr 2023

COVID-19 and the mental health of health-care workers

Lamb D, Stevelink SAM, Scott HR, Greenberg N and Wessely S

30 Mar 2023

Super-spreaders of novel coronaviruses that cause SARS, MERS and...

Brainard J, Jones NR, Harrison FC, Hammer CC & Lake IR

29 Mar 2023

Understanding the Public's Attitudes Toward COVID-19 Vaccines in...

Jones LF, Bonfield S, Farrell J and Weston D

9 Mar 2023

Mental health of diplomatic personnel: scoping review

Brooks SK, Patel D and Greenberg N

8 Mar 2023

Moral injury and psychological wellbeing in UK healthcare staff.

Williamson V, Lamb D, Hotopf M, Raine R, Stevelink S, Wessely S, Docherty M, Madan I, Murphy D, Greenberg N.