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12 Dec 2023

Examining the role of community resilience in public health emergency...

Hall, C., Wehling, H., Stansfield, J., South, J., Brooks, S.K., Greenberg, N., Amlot, R. & Weston, D.

1 Dec 2023

Effectiveness of filtering or decontaminating air to reduce or...

Brainard J, Jones NR, Swindells IC, Archer EJ, Kolyva A, Letley C, Pond K, Lake IR, Hunter PR.

30 Nov 2023

Psychological effects of mould and damp in the home: Scoping review.

Brooks, S.K., Patel, S.S., Weston., D. & Greenberg, N.

30 Nov 2023

Psychological factors associated with reporting side effects...

Smith LE, Sim J, Sherman SM, Amlôt R, Cutts M, Dasch H, Sevdalis N and Rubin GJ

17 Nov 2023

Mpox knowledge, behaviours and barriers to public health measures...

May T, Towler L, Smith LE, Harwood J, Denford S, Rubin GJ, Hickman M, Amlôt R, Oliver I, Yardley L

17 Nov 2023

Why do children attend school, engage in other activities or...

Woodland L, Smith LE, Webster RK, Amlot R, Rubin J.

2 Nov 2023

“Exceptionally challenging time for all of us”: Qualitative study of...

Brooks, S.K., Patel, D. & Greenberg, N.

23 Oct 2023

Understanding adherence to COVID-19 self-isolation in the first phase...

Robin C, Reynolds R, Lambert H, Hickman M, Rubin GJ, Smith LE, Yardley L, Cai S, Zhang T, Mook P, McManus O, Lasseter G, Compston P, Denford S, Zhang J, Amlôt R, Oliver I.

19 Oct 2023

Parent-reported child’s close contact with non-household family...

Woodland L, Smith LE, Brooks SK, Webster RK, Amlôt R, Rubin A, Rubin GJ.