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6 May 2020

Applying principles of behaviour change to reduce SARS-CoV-2...

West R, Michie S, Rubin GJ and Richard Amlôt

21 Apr 2020

Millennial attitudes towards sharing mobile phone location data with...

Murphy H, Keahey L, Bennett E, Drake A, Brooks SK & Rubin GJ

2 Apr 2020

COVID-19 and experiences of moral injury in front-line key workers

Williamson V, Murphy D, Greenberg N

2 Apr 2020

The impact of unplanned school closure on children’s social contact:...

Brooks SK, Smith LE, Webster RK, Weston D, Woodland L, Hall I, and Rubin GJ

26 Mar 2020

Managing mental health challenges faced by healthcareworkers during...

Greenberg N, Docherty M, Gnanapragasam S and Wessely S

26 Feb 2020

The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: rapid...

Brooks SK, Webster RK, Smith LE, Woodland L, Wessely S, Greenberg N and Rubin GJ

7 Feb 2020

Psychosocial Factors Affecting Parental Report of Symptoms in...

Smith LE. Weinman J, Yiend J and Rubin GJ

28 Jan 2020

The psychological effects of quarantining a city

Rubin GJ and Wessely S

24 Jan 2020

Psychological resilience and post-traumatic growth in disaster-...

Brooks SK, Amlôt R, Rubin GJ and Greenberg N