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Louise Smith


PhD Student

Theme 1 - Protecting wellbeing during and after a major incident

King's College London

I am a PhD student at King’s College London. Having studied Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, I completed my MSc Mental Health Studies at King’s College London in 2014. I became interested in the field of public health and psychology, in particular factors associated with adherence to medication such as antivirals in the context of pandemic influenza, and factors associated with perception of symptoms with no physiological cause. My PhD work aims to identify factors associated with parental perception of side-effects following their child’s influenza vaccination. A secondary aim of my work is to identify factors associated with uptake of the child influenza vaccine and predictors of re-vaccination. I am also exploring possible mechanisms through which parents perceive side-effects and decide to vaccinate their child, investigating whether cognitive biases of interpretation underpin parents’ vaccination decisions and side-effect perception.