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Professor John Weinman


Professor of Psychology as Applied to Medicine

Theme 2 - Improving the behavioural impact of communications

King's College London

Professor Weinman is Professor of Psychology as Applied to Medicine and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, the European Health Psychology Society and the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research.

He previously chaired the Population & Behavioural Sciences Committee of Cancer Research UK , helped to set up the Health Psychology Division of the British Psychological Society and is a member of the NIHR panel for programme grants for applied research. 

Weinman has held nearly £3m in research grants.

His research on cognition, communication and decision-making in healthcare, and self-regulation and self-management of illness has resulted in over 250 papers (H index: 43). His work has led to the development of many cognitive interventions which improve patient adherence to treatment and which have been implemented by public and private bodies across a range of conditions.

This includes development of the widely used Illness Perception Questionnaire and Beliefs about Medicine Questionnaire to aid in the development of these interventions.

His current work focuses on the development and evaluation of novel interventions for improving patient support and treatment adherence .