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Holly Carter


Research fellow

Theme 1 - Preparedness

Public Health England

Dr Holly Carter is a Research Fellow in the Behavioural Science Research Team at the UKHSA, Porton Down. She completed a PhD in crowd behaviour during CBRN incidents and is interested in understanding the psychosocial aspects of mass emergencies and disasters.

Her research explores various aspects of emergency preparedness and response, including the impact of pre-incident information on public preparedness, factors which affect the way in which members of the public respond to recommendations and interventions implemented by the authorities, and ways to improve interoperable working among emergency responders.

Holly works closely with policy makers and emergency planners to inform policy and practice for the management of major incidents, particularly those involving CBRN agents. Her work has informed the development of training modules for the Fire and Rescue Service and other emergency response organisations, and she provides advice to a number of central Government working groups.