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Dr Elena Skryabina


Research Fellow

Theme 1 - Preparedness

Public Health England

Dr Elena Skryabina is a Research Fellow of the UKHSA Emergency Response Department (ERD) Science and Technology Group. Formerly a manager of a DH funded medical devices evaluation laboratory and a manager of a large scale national clinical trial in public health, Elena joined PHE in 2015 to lead a portfolio of research projects as part of NIHR funding for HPRU EPR.  She holds a MSc degree in Physics from St.Petersburg State University, Russia and PhD in Science Education from the University of Glasgow, UK and has wide  interest in public  health and education. In her present post Elena leads a range of projects in applied research related to healthcare emergency preparedness and response in major incidents, with specific focus on health emergency preparedness exercises. She works in close collaboration with UKHSA ERD Exercises and Training teams and contributes her scientific expertise nationally and internationally to health simulation exercises’ design, delivery and evaluation.  She is a registered Subject Matter Expert with WHO IHR Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (MEF) for Joint External Evaluations (JEE) programme.