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Tell us what you think about bird flu information

14 November, 2023

Person in full PPE

Our team are looking for people who work with birds that might have bird flu (avian influenza). 

Would you like to help create public health information about bird flu and receive up to £60 as a thank you for your time and help? 

Currently, there is an outbreak of bird flu across the world. This outbreak is quickly spreading among both wild birds and farmed flocks, resulting in cases of bird flu in the UK. 

Bird flu spreads quickly between birds. Birds that catch bird flu may have to be culled, so that the infection does not spread to other birds. 

Some people may go into places where birds have been ill with bird flu or touch sick or dead birds as part of their work (such as culling workers). To protect themselves from catching bird flu, these people should wear protective clothing and gear (personal protective equipment, PPE), let someone know if they get ill, and take antiviral medications if they are recommended. 

The goal of this project is to work with you to develop public health information about bird flu and protective behaviours that can lower the chance of someone catching bird flu.