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Take part in our research

The Health Protection Research Unit at King’s College London is currently recruiting research participants.

We have many ongoing projects, all aimed at helping people after a disaster, and we need volunteers to take part. The studies involve everything from on-line questionnaires you can complete at home, to drug trials which take place in our clinical research facility in South East London. You don’t need any experience of a disaster to take part! All of the studies below offer payment or compensation. All have been approved by an independent research ethics committee. 


Studies that are currently recruiting

The links below will take you to more information about each of our studies. If you are interested in taking part, or if you just want to find out more on a no-obligation basis, please drop the lead researcher an email and they will be happy to discuss it with you.

  • Side effects study - This study involves taking a well-known, non-prescription tablet in our clinical research facility in South East London.
  • Perceptions about the childhood flu vaccine - This pilot study involves completing a short telephone interview about the childhood flu vaccine (parents of children aged 2-7yrs only). 


Leave us your contact details

If you are interested in one of the studies above, please contact the lead researcher direct via the relevant link. If none of the studies are for you, and you would instead like to leave your contact details with us for when another study becomes available, please use the link below. We will then email you when new studies become available. You do not have to take part in any studies if you do not want to, and you can ask us to take your name off our mailing list at any time by emailing