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4 Apr 2024

The effect of nocebo explanation and empathy on side-effect...

De Brochowski V, Rubin GJ, Webster RK

1 Apr 2024

Delivering extreme event preparedness education in schools: A...

Hodson A, Pearce JM, Amlot R, Rogers MB.

22 Mar 2024

Retaining dermatology patients in primary care through dialogue with...

Brainard J, Crawford A, Wright B, Lim M, Everden P.

20 Mar 2024

Why did the UK public not adequately understand the symptoms of COVID...

Riley E, Smith LE, Rubin GJ, Woodland L

17 Jan 2024

RT-PCR genotyping assays to identify SARS-CoV-2 variants in England...

Bray, N., Sopwith, W., Edmunds, M., Vansteenhouse, H., Feenstra, J.D.M., Jacobs, P., Rajput, K., O'Connell, A.M., Smith, M.L., Blomquist, P., Hatziioanou, D., Elson, R., Vivancos, R., Gallagher...

23 Dec 2023

Experiences of working from home: umbrella review

Hall CE, Brooks SK, Mills F, Greenberg N and Weston D

14 Dec 2023

Experiences of working from home: umbrella review,

Charlotte E. Hall, Samantha K. Brooks, Freya Mills, Neil Greenberg, Dale Weston,

12 Dec 2023

Examining the role of community resilience in public health emergency...

Hall, C., Wehling, H., Stansfield, J., South, J., Brooks, S.K., Greenberg, N., Amlot, R. & Weston, D.

1 Dec 2023

Effectiveness of filtering or decontaminating air to reduce or...

Brainard J, Jones NR, Swindells IC, Archer EJ, Kolyva A, Letley C, Pond K, Lake IR, Hunter PR.