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Poppy Ellis Logan


PhD Student

Theme 1 - Preparedness

King's College London

Poppy is a PhD student at King’s College London. Having worked first for Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest, and then in NHS mental health services for 3 years, she joined King’s in 2020 where she completed her MSc in Mental Health Studies. She has a longstanding interest in equality, equity, diversity and inclusion, and her PhD considers how universal, accessible design could reduce the impacts of emergencies on the public – especially amongst people currently facing health inequalities. Poppy’s work focusses mainly on Preparedness for widespread / long term power cuts, which could happen for a range of reasons. She is currently working on two projects, the first is investigating baseline levels of ‘all-hazards’ preparedness amongst the general UK public; and the second is investigating disabled people’s experiences of power cuts arising from Storm Arwen and other storms that happened this winter (2021-22).

Find out more about participating in Poppy’s research at or contact her on You can also find her on Twitter, @poppyellislogan