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Theme 2: Resilience

The resilience theme will bolster our understanding of how to protect and support the mental health of communities and organisations exposed to traumatic events. Our objective is to bolster resilience at a micro- (individual, team, small organisation) and macro- (large organisation, community, national) level. The researchers within this them aims to address a number of key questions. First, how can we optimise pragmatic post-incident resilience interventions for organisations that are routinely trauma-exposed and those which are not? Second, can we develop and optimise effective, pragmatic post-incident resilience interventions for the educational sector to help protect and support the mental health of children, who may otherwise face disproportionate risk? Third, what role does community support play in resilience and recovery, and how can we optimise effective, accessible and inclusive post incident interventions which overcome existing barriers to support and instead facilitate members of trauma-affected communities to receive equitable and appropriate support, including, where necessary, psychosocial care.

Lead researchers

Professor Neil Greenberg

Professor of Defence Mental Health

King's College London

Dr Dale Weston

Research Fellow

Public Health England