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Winter power outages

Did you, or someone you know, lose electricity for two or more days during a winter storm recently?


We are looking for research participants, and would love to hear from you!


We want to find out about people’s experiences during the storm-related power cuts. Did you have any difficulties during these periods? What support would be better in future power cuts?


We hope that we will be able to learn lessons from these events about what did and didn’t help. In particular, we want to look at how people with a range of different needs experienced the power cut(s) so that we can assess whether people’s disabilities and/or health conditions affect the needs they have in these situations.


What participating in our research involves:

You will be asked to tell us about your experiences in a one-to-one interview. This will happen via an online video call or, if you prefer, via a telephone call. The interview will last roughly 45-90 minutes, with additional comfort breaks. You can communicate with us via the chat function if you prefer this to speaking.


During the interview you will be asked questions about your experiences of the power cut(s), for example whether you had any disabilities and/or health conditions that were affected by the power cut(s), and anything that made the power cut(s) more or less easy to cope with. 


The session will be audio recorded, once you have given consent for this to happen. 


You will be given £30 for taking part. This will be as an Amazon voucher. 


Please get in touch with us if:

You are aged 18 or over, can speak (or sign) English fluently, you live in the UK and you experienced power cuts for 2 or more consecutive days because of a winter storm. We’re interested in all of the following:

  • Storm Arwen
  • Storms Malik & Corrie
  • Storm Dudley
  • Storm Eunice
  • Storm Franklin

We would particularly like to hear from people with a range of needs, including but not limited to:

  • People with sensory needs
  • People with alternative communication needs
  • People with specific dietary needs
  • People with cognitive or information processing needs
  • People with mobility needs
  • People with needs relating to self-care or independence
  • People who need electric medical devices or specific medications, especially refrigerated or controlled medications
  • People with any other needs that relate to a pre-existing disability and/or health condition but which are not listed here.


We are very happy to provide any reasonable adjustments you need to make this an accessible process.  This includes captions, sign language interpreters, questions being provided in writing, having a carer with you, and more. Just let us know what you need. 


To find out more, please read our Participant Information Sheet and the Consent Form.

We also have an easy read version of our Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form.

If you require this in any other format such as a word document, please email and we will be happy to provide this.


To take part, please email, stating the name of the storm you were affected by in the heading. Please also state whether the following apply to you:

- You are aged 18 or over

- You can speak or sign English fluently

- You or a member of your household had a health condition, disability, specific health/wellbeing relevant need during the power cut (give details if possible)

- You had a continuous power cut for at least 2 days in a row between November 2021 and February 2022 because of a storm (give details if possible). 

Please also state what part of the UK you are based in, and the dates that you were without electricity.